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2001 genesis bad noise from pump

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  • 2001 genesis bad noise from pump

    I just picked up this 2001 1200 di for a really good deal wasent running. I got it going in a few hrs runs grate, I took it out to ride it and after about 15min I noticed it started making a pretty bad noise from the rear of the ski and got worise as I road so I parked it. I was wanting to know is there a common problem with the pump or mid shaft bearing before I take it apart, and is there any special tools needed?
    Sorry im new to polaris skis.

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    You will need to remove the jet pump, and check the bearings. Info on how to do this is posted elsewhere.

    Tip: You need to remove four long bolts, not the four nuts at the base of the pump.

    I expect the pump stator bearings have failed, and will need replacing.

    Also check the impeller and surrounding wear ring for damage.

    Maximum specification for blade clearance to the wear ring is .020 inches, and .010 or closer is preferred.

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      Yep pulled pump stator off and the inside bearing was in all busted up and the other was good and crunchy. Im putting it back together now. Thanks for all the help, yes it was a very ez job after you get the stator bolts out.