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bleeding oil pump 01 virage

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  • bleeding oil pump 01 virage

    I have service manual and parts manual and still cannot figure out how to bleed oil pump/lines on my 2001 virages. trying to fix oil leaks like lots others. Service manual says bleed it but does not tell where to open it. I have crammed a camera in every place i can think of to no avail. Parts manual has nothing I can see. Appreciate any help. Thanks

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    Location of bleed screw on domestic engine oil injection pump

    The large screw on the top of the oil pump is the bleed screw. Open it up and allow the oil to fill the oil supply hose from tank to engine. Close the screw.

    To bleed the oil lines between oil pump and engine, you can either remove each line from the engine and manually fill it (messy), OR

    Mix oil into the fuel tank, enough for a 40:1 ratio (approximate). Dribble some oil (not a huge amount) down the air intakes, the re-install the flame arrestor.

    Run the engine on the water, at low-medium speeds. You can monitor the oil filling the oil lines and purging the air out.

    You can keep the ski strapped to the trailer. Just back it down the launch ramp until the jet pump INTAKE is submerged, then you can run the engine with the seat off for as long as you need to confirm the oil system is pumping oil into the engine.

    The oil pump flow is slow at low engine RPM and low throttle settings, so be patient.
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      Really appreciate your information. For some reason I was thinking it had be at bottom--- like I didn't know that air rises to the top. Now if I find the leak at least I won't mess up the engine.