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1994 Plaris slt 750. Good Deal or NO Good-$1200

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  • 1994 Plaris slt 750. Good Deal or NO Good-$1200

    Whats up guys i am into stand ups but i came across this good deal well i think its good.

    its a 94 Polaris slt 750

    -one owner
    -good cond.
    -never iin salt water
    -incluide single ziemens trailer
    --always maintained
    -needs nothing
    -3 cylinder-no crashes/;damage

    her wants 1200.00 but i am going to offer him 800.00 sonme one told me offer him 600.00

    but in general is this a good deal or a money pit .... if its well maintained would it be a good buy>>??

    Please info would be appreciated

    See attached picstures
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    Here in Michigan, i would not pay more than $800 if i was looking for that set up to keep for myself. This is assuming that it checks out to be mechanically sound and cosmetically good for its age. Hope it all works out for you.
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      Be sure to check it over thoroughly yourself.

      It would be a rare sixteen year old PWC that really does need nothing done to it.

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        check the piston wash, the piston condition and ask if 1 of the pistons were already replaced? it has the triple fuel setup? the gas cap update? the pickups in the tank checked? all fuel lines replaced? coupler bearing ok? ever been lubed? comp numbers? I have a 95 slt myself. the hydro turf was hit, thats 85.00. pump bearing are probably working but hit if you had them in your hand.

        the bearing may be rusty on the crank if it was sitting for years although it ran good before..

        I would sell mine for 1000.00 supposed to be sold.. its complete and runs. I paid 2100.00 for 8 years ago. with trailer. manual, life peservers,cover and trailer with op head and op f/a's on it.

        the diaphrams in the carbs are warped too. i know it. mine were. same ski.same time frame. they may work fine, but they need attention probably.

        offer him 700.00 if ya get the traier.lol did ya check the impellor for wear or chips? thats a 100.00 and the pump blades? thats$$$ if broken.. the wear ring clearence is very important also. if too big, it wont go full speed.

        whats the peak rpms? does the MFD work? those are 450.00 new or 10.00 on ebay or higher depending..

        hows the bottom all hit or new looking?
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