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Could it be the carbs?

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  • Could it be the carbs?

    Hi! I was told by a PWC Today member to come to this site since all the polaris people are here. My neighbor/friend and I went in on buying a 1995 Polaris SL to use this summer. It starts but will not stay on without pouring a little premix in the carbs (was changed to premix) We removed the fuel tank, emptied and cleaned it and put in an aftermarket fuel pump (Mikuni) and replaced the fuel lines and made sure the restrictor was clear. Problem remains. Our next step is to remove and clean/rebuild carbs. Other then this are we overlooking any other possibility? Ty

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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    Carburetor rebuild is definitely a good thing to get done.

    Check compression on all cylinders;
    All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open. Should be within 5% of each other.

    Also check that the pulse hose from the crank case to the fuel pump is in good condition, and connected to the correct nipple on the fuel pump.

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      Welcome to the Hulk.

      Make sure the autocock was removed and your hoses for the new fuel pump are routed properly.

      You should also inspect the petcock for signs of obstructions, check/replace the in line fuel filters, and DEFINATELY go through the carbs. There's filters inside of them that need to be checked.
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