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Pro 785 fun on the stock boat..

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    haha Ya I want your avatar picture! That will be my next ski.(if I can find one) Would love to have a matrix. I know of one that didnt even have the top deck pieced to the hull yet. Was somewhere here on the forums. WOnder if it is still for sale. There was also a member who had a Matrix that looked awesome! Boomanchu1967 or something! Best looking ski period!! Shame they didnt make it!
    1997 Polaris SLX PRO 785
    2000 Polaris PRO 785
    2000 Polaris PRO 1200
    2004 Polaris Matrix
    1999 Polaris X-45
    1996 Polaris Hurricane
    2005 Polaris photo shoot prototype 50th anniversary edition MSX ÔÇ£150ÔÇØ


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      Kerminator - Polaris will not do anything with a warrenty. Still in create yes.. I made him an offer and he said he would let me know. I have not followed up with him in a while about the selling it but we do talk once or so a month about his computer systems.