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    i couldnt agree more! i sold my atv and wanted a jet ski so bad, searched up one i found near me and BOOM you guys popped up, and now i couldnt be happier to be a part of this awesome community, crazy what a bunch of jetski junkies could do love you guys


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      Got my pro785 running like a beast thanks to this forum and Lugs help! The grin on my face the first ride was worth every second of research and build time!
      98 Pro 785 - Hot Seat Ride Plate, Hot Seat Sponsons, Skat trak impeller, 6 vane SS Stator and other various goodies...ON THE WATER!!!


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        I helped out a guy 1484 miles from me. I showed him how to wire in a different MPEM into his "unicorn" '97 GSi. Here is his response:

        I want to thank you so much for helping me out. U should post that online somewhere for others to see and help out. But that's your call. I'm just happy I found ya and u helped me out. ������
        So I have brought her out a few times runs perfect. Your are the man really. Thank you so much again.
        Do u want any money for doing this for me?
        And my response: You're welcome. If you get a chance, help out the next guy.

        I also helped him get his trim working, all from almost 1500 miles away sitting at my computer! And I felt good about it. I've also learned a lot myself from the forum members contributions.

        Thanks everybody!!
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          Forum members literally will go to the ends of the earth to help you

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            New member here.

            Also wanted to thank all those who have posted and updated all the information available within these pages. I spent a couple weeks reading through hundreds of posts while I recorded information and developed a game plan for my "new to me" ski. With this help, I was not only able to test major components, but also make suggested upgrades along the way. I have since sent EMM to Darrin at Lakeside Tech and am waiting to here what he has to offer on repair.

            Thanks again for a great community


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              You guys are awesome. Thank you all for your advice and expertise