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99 Genisis no spark, new battery

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  • 99 Genisis no spark, new battery

    Good morning. I have a 2001 virage tx that is finally running great. Thanks for all of your help over the last year. My buddy just picked up a 99 genesis 1200 carbed ski with a trailer for 1,000. Previous owner stated it had a new motor put in and it did have 145 across all 3 cylinders. The prev. owner said it needed a new battery so he started it on trailer by jumping it from a car battery I think, and it fired right up. He bought it and brought it to my place. He got a new odyssey AGM battery which is what I have in my ski. Put it in and it will not start, no spark. If he hooks a charger to the new battery the ski will have spark and start. My first thought, knowing how picky these skis are about having the right voltage is that the battery is not fully charged. My buddy seems to think maybe the stator is bad. I am going to put the battery on charge before I leave for work this morning and wait for some input from you guys. The old owner also said it has a new cdi but I can not verify that at this time. Any thoughts on where to start looking for problems would be great. Could a bad ground possibly cause this condition? I only looked at the ski for a couple of minutes but I am not sure the grounding wires are hooked up correctly. To the battery negative there are 2 wires. 1 big battery wire which I assume should go to bottom of engine case, and 1 thin black wire. Where should that 1 go? I do not have that thin black wire on my virage. Also, would the stator from my 2001 virage tx work on this 99 genesis? When I pulled my motor I did my stator just because it was easy to do at the time. My old one is still good. Thanks for any help you could give. You guys are great.

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    The 99 has a NON updated ignition, which has the extra earth to the stator. Your 01 stator is not compatible with the 99 cdi.
    Sometimes the easy answer is the easy answer. Start with a fully charged battery. Check CRANKING volts at the battery. Check all earth and positive connections.


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      stop jumpstarting it too. nothing good will come of that.
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        1999 Genesis (carburetor engine) and X45 (SLTX-B) use the Gen III CDI ignition

        Originally posted by bop
        The 1999 [Genesis] has a NON updated ignition, which has the extra earth to the stator. Your 2001 [Virage TX] stator is not compatible with the 1999 [Genesis] cdi.

        The above is incorrect. All Polaris 1200 carburetor engines, including the 1999 Genesis and X45, have the Gen III ignition system.

        Everything else (700, 1050, etc) made in 1999 with a carburetor and red engine was not Gen III from the factory. 1999 was the last year for Gen II factory ignitions, but for the 1200 motor (which was new for 1999) Polaris included the Gen III ignition.

        That said, 1999 and 2000 were a transition years for the carb engine wiring configurations. This means there are differences depending on which model and which year of wiring diagram you look at.

        1999 Genesis with carb can be different in some details from 2000 Genesis carb. And certainly different from 1998 or 1999 carb models with engines that are not 1200.

        All 1200 carburetor red engine CDI can be interchanged as they are all Gen III ignitions. Polaris did revise and improve the parameters over time, but the CDI are entirely usable on different 1200 models. The Virage TX carb engine is the same as Genesis carb engine, with some improvements in later model years.
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          ok...thanks for the info. I had a little time to get into ski. It had 2 big battery cable ground wires to battery...One on a bolt for the jug, and the other on the bottom of the case. I disconnected the one on the jug bolt and made sure the one on case was clean, metal. It is. There is another small guage wire going to battery ground that runs all the way to front of ski and looks like it ends in front of storage box. Have not found where that ones ties in yet but I know it is not factory. The battery is new and fully charged. At rest it shows 12.4 on mfd. As soon as you crank it drops down to 10.4ish. It will not start or spark with this voltage. If I hook up a battery charger to it the mfd display will jump to 13.2ish and ski will fire over. At this point I can disconnect battery charger and ski sounds fine, will idle, rev up etc. I am thinking that there is something drwing too much voltage while cranking. Would this make sense? What to test or try next? I had a spare solenoid that I know is good and tried that, no change. Inside CDI box looks clean and good. I noticed on top of the stator/flywheel cover there is a piece on top, directly in the middle that is held down with a small bolt and looks like it had a wire going to it at some point but is now broken off. I removed the bolt and can spin the piece but did not try to take out as I am not sure what it is. It does spin 360 degrees. It does not make a difference if bilge button is held down, or mfd is unplugged. Still get the voltage drop with out charger. Get drop with charger to but, it will start and run with the additional juice sent to it. Any help would be appreciated.




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            I’m here hopefully to figure out the wiring mess I have going on does anyone know or have and pictures of the electrical box wiring on 2000 genesis 1200 carb model. I just got this ski and wiring is
            unhooked in box appreciate the help if anyone is still on here. Thanks, David


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              Welcome to GreenHulk.
              I don't think a picture would do you much good- with wires running everywhere it's hard to tell what's what. Even with experience and knowing what to expect.

              All Polaris wires are color coded. Every color has a specific job.
              There should be 2 "black boxes" inside the elect box, that I don't see. Smaller box is 'LR module" in Genesis it's the "stop-start module" . Like 6 wires or so.
              Larger box with like 12-15 wires is "CDI". Ignition module.
              Do you have those ?

              I see the red wire off battery side of solenoid looks to be off. That should attach to a circuit breaker in elect box. Like 1 inch by 1/2 inch, with 2 tabs for wires- 1 red, other red/purple stripe .

              I suggest attach what is obvious, ask for help with specific colors.