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Welcome newcomers with Polaris watercraft - Please read this first

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  • K447
    How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework

    Originally posted by HiPeRcO

    It is very true that MOST questions that can be asked, have been asked ...
    When you are ready to ask a question, post it in the Polaris Open Discussion forum, unless you know it fits better in a specific Polaris sub-forum.

    Create a New Thread, unless you are posting something that really fits as a follow up to an existing thread.

    Please do NOT add your question about your watercraft to a thread about someone else's watercraft, even if you have the same model/engine. Each old watercraft has its own mechanical history and often under different circumstances from your own.

    Include a descriptive and readable subject header, including the year/model/engine and the core issue.

    In the body of the post, include again the model specifics, and a summary of the mechanical history. What prior repairs and existing problems do you know about?

    Also tell us what checks, tests and diagnostics you have done so far.

    If the machine is new to you and has never run properly since you got it, please say so.

    Please do not just say 'question' 'hey guys' or 'no spark!'

    The more information you can tell us, and the more complete that info is, the more likely someone else on here can help you. And the less time it will take to figure out what needs to be done next.

    Sometimes the next steps or the needed repair become obvious. Often there will be additional checks and tests needed.

    Welcome to the Polaris PWC watercraft forum on Greenhul.net

    Let's get you back on the water!

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  • HiPeRcO
    Awesome advice from the sage master.

    It is very true that MOST questions that can be asked, have been asked and answered MANY times by now

    (Now, where was that post again about the _______ )

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  • Welcome newcomers with Polaris watercraft - Please read this first


    This forum has been helping people learn about their Polaris watercraft for many years. In the early years there was a mix of people who originally bought their machine brand new, and people who bought it used.

    Since Polaris ceased manufacturing new watercraft in 2004, everyone here now has an old watercraft. Some of us still have models we bought new, but most now have machines that were already used when we bought them.

    If you are just joining us now, I imagine the watercraft you have probably had one or several owners before you got it. And that machine had previously been in use for many years.

    Whether it was 'running' when you first got it or it was already broken, you are probably here so you can learn how to repair it. We get that a lot, and we have been helping people get back onto the water for a long time.

    Here is the deal.
    The more work you do to read about and learn about your particular machine, the more helpful and useful the information you find here can be.

    Almost every question you have, every problem you are encountering, has happened before. Probably many, many times.

    Questions have been asked, and probably answered, many times in the past about the exact problem you are having now.

    Many of us have answered these questions from others, possibly years ago, about the same or a very similar issue to the questions you now want answers for.

    It may take some time for you to read through the provided info. That time spent learning will pay for itself. Less false starts, less confusion. And you will have a much better understanding of what you need to do.

    Also WAY less asking of basic questions that have been asked before. And answered. Many, many times.

    Here is your starter kit.
    Click this link.

    Find the basic information that applies to your machine.
    Not just the hull model but also the engine model.

    Read up on common issues, known problems, and common repairs. Often that is enough to get you going in the right direction.

    Links to many diagnostics methods and repairs can also be found there.
    There is a search function within that web site (top right).

    If you found your way here via Google search, learn how the info here is organized *. Google can quickly jump you into a thread or a post, but it is easy to become confused by jumping in and reading about one answer to someone's question, then jumping off to something else that maybe doesn't actually apply in your case. Or does not apply to your model, your engine, or whatever.

    If you need to dig more deeply into a specific technical area, in addition to the info from the link above, you can look here.

    * Sometimes Google really is a good way to find what you are looking for in here. Here is a way to focus your search.
    In the Google Search field, type
    site:GreenHulk.net Polaris and then the search words you are looking for