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2002 Genesis not charging battery, EMM tested good

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    Might want to consider getting a replacement harness, I would guess you can find a good fresh water one for under $100.
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      Thanks for the responses everyone. Finally had the time this evening to take the cover off and pull the ski out and take a look at the stator wiring. Checked it twice and everything matches up to the wiring diagram. As well as went through the wiring and don’t see any wires that appear broken.. Found a place about an hour from me that works on Polaris pwcs so I’m thinking I may just have to take a day off and take it over there... Maybe there really is an issue with the stator... I know obviously demographics probably play a factor in labor rates and what not but any idea on a ballpark of what would be reasonable to have the stator replaced? Thanks everyone.


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        Coming back to this post 2 years later just wanted to give everyone the update. Took this ski out last week and it started smoking white smoke which it’s never done before. Now mind you I haven’t taken the The ski out since 2018 so hoping it’s just oil in the cylinders from sitting. Decided to pull the plugs and take a look at them and didn’t have a spark plug socket on me since I was 5 hours from home (on trips I only take some basic tools, test light and dvom) had to remove the air filter and while removed I found a harness that had been cut and soldered together. Apparently one of the solder joints had become corroded and broke. Spliced the wire and put a heat shrink butt connector on it, put my multimeter on the battery and sure enough charging at 13.4! Unfortunately the entire point of this trip was to pull the boat out of storage and bring it home so I could service it, so had to leave the Genesis in storage until I can go back for it in a couple months. Going to do a compression test and see if the rings are shot and that’s what’s causing the smoke or if it’s just oil from sitting I’m hoping!