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LR-503-4 Replacement Coming by End of Year!

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  • LR-503-4 Replacement Coming by End of Year!

    So HiPerCo and I have been working on reverse engineering the LR-503-x (LR503) start stop module that so commonly fails. I used a LR-503-4 in my teardown.

    I have completely disassembled the "magical" box, cataloged all the parts, created working LTSpice Simulations, and brought everything into Eagle.

    I will be testing the module with modern replacement components with a higher reliability factor and hopefully by the end of the summer will have a replacements made . . . semiconductor shortages aside for immediate sale. This will be a direct plugin replacement for all years that use a LR503 (two versions with different methods of connections).

    I know that K447 would like me to make a "universal" version, but at this time, I am concentrating on just the LR503. If I can get donor modules I will attempt to add the voltage regulator and other functions from the other modules to make a universal module. Just one step at a time.

    Just wanted to keep you all in the loop!


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    2002 Virage TXi 1200
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    2002 Virage TXi Complete Tear Down and Rebuild Complete!

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    I thought you posted you had a girl friend? She must have dumped you. You have far too much spare time.
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      I don't have any skis that need an LR503 but this is awesome you are doing this.
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