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2002 POLARIS GENESIS I1200 Idle under load no power when throttle

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  • 2002 POLARIS GENESIS I1200 Idle under load no power when throttle

    Hey guys!!!

    I am at my wits end. This Polaris was running fine, then last season while I was on the lake the thing would only rev up is I went up on the throttle very slowly. So I stored it for winter. I pulled it out now it starts and dies sometimes immediately sometimes after 10-12 seconds. Here's what I've done.

    checked injectors, sparks, coils, fuel pump is working but I have not checked pressure. MFI IS BYPASED. Check engine text is up (also new). Compression is good.

    I was going to order a TPS, or a code reader but I can't find the damn connector so if someone knows where it is, or what number of pins it is I would truly appreciate it.

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    This link includes info on the simple LED code reading tool for Ficht EMM.

    No connector needed, just some wire, an LED and a resistor.
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      consider possible CPS failure if the tps pans out ( they can be hard to source), the wire tends to break where they enters the plastic on the sensor, especially if the wire clip attached to the top of the stator cover is missing

      sometimes a fix is possible, but requires delicate cutting and merlin level soldering. Ohm it out and with the leads connected wiggle the wiring a little to see if it drops off.

      the vibration manages to break every strand of the wire over time and its covered in insulation. you can feel the wire for any irregularities

      low fuel pressure will not trip the check engine, there is something else going on ( like the CPS resistance being out of range)

      you're on the right track making the code flasher or finding somebody with a Polaris endorsement on their candoo. Going that route identifies the actual fault , unlike wild guess like mine
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