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02 Virage 700 - cdk 2 44mm - can't find accelerator pump diaphragm

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  • 02 Virage 700 - cdk 2 44mm - can't find accelerator pump diaphragm

    I am having a very hard time locating a diaphragm for the accelerator pump on my keihin 42mm cdk II carb. Anybody know something that I don't? An tricks you have used? I'm stuck here as to what to do. It is leaking gas. Thanks!

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    Thank you very much!

    Yes sir, it is leaking where the cover meets the housing bypassing the outer "seal" on the diaphragm. This started happening only after I disassbled carb, ran it through the sonic cleaner, cleaned all flanges lightly with scotch bright and reassembled.


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      What color is your carb ?
      Stock-black = 40mm
      Red or Blue = 38 or 42mm.

      The stock Polaris 40mm carb is different from the aftermarket or Kawasaki accel pumps that I have seen. The length of the rod attached to diaphram is ? longer ?
      Polaris sold it as a "kit" that is not available, 2200732

      If the diaphram is just leaking, maybe areal tiny amount of fuel resistant sealer. (RTV? maybe the ultra black)


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        I did put a very small amount of sealer around the outside this morning. We'll see if it works.


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          they dont even make a cdk2 44mm...you have a single 40mm
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            Correct. I made a mistake. Not sure how or why I typed 44.