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2002 Polaris genesis DI PTO cylinder single digit PSI

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  • 2002 Polaris genesis DI PTO cylinder single digit PSI

    I am working on a 2002 Polaris Genesis direct injection machine. K447 helped me resolve a no electrical power issue yesterday.
    I performed a cylinder pressure test and got normal readings in the mag cylinder and center cylinder, At around 135psi.
    The PTO cylinder is single digits.
    I am hoping someone can look at the damage and know what went wrong. The pressure regulator has fallen down into the fuel tank.
    is it possible to throw a piston and jug on this and be good to go or does it need further work.
    The video attached shows some twisting of the piston as it goes down, is this normal?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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    My video of the piston moving is at

    I can’t seem to attach it.


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      My money is on the crankshaft being toast (and to add insult to injury, a hole in the bottom case). And with that much metal debris, you best split the case anyways.
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        Thank you for your insight.


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          zero chance id risk not splitting the case
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            I paid $400 for the ski so I don’t feel too bad


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              Definetly take it apart to at least clean out the cases, parts of that piston and head will find their way into the cases.
              The piston moving that way suggest either the wrist pin is worn allowing piston to move or the rod bearing is bad and the entire rod and piston are moving.

              Trying to run it with just a new piston will result in a tow in and damaged new piston.


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                Thanks. I will let you know what I find out when I get some time to crack it open.