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  • Polaris 1050 Engine

    Hello everyone. I have a question about the Polaris 1050 engines. I have one out of a '97 SLTX and 1 out of a SL. I broke a jug on the sltx engine and was going to use one off the sl engine. I noticed the sltx has a small hole in the piston that lines up with a small hole in the cylinder. my question is what is this hole for and can i use the jug off the other 1050 that doesn't have the hole? The sltx jug is marked 3021009 and the other is marked 3021019.... thank you for the help...Greg

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    You can check part #'s here; https://parts.polarisind.com/Advance...ncedSearch.asp

    96-97, seems Polaris was worried about fuel quality. The small holes alow for a small shot of air/fuel to help cool the piston from the bottom.
    Polaris did put out a cylinder without the hole they say replaces the 009. But I worry about fuel mixture/temp differences.
    If you used all 3 cylinders or pistons that match, it would be better.

    The year of the SL matters, The 019 looks to be from 99, It will have a different "port timing ". So no, do not use just 1 cylinder.
    Is the SL engine otherwise good ? use the whole thing.

    Engine builders say the 009 " breathes" the best of factory cylinders, they like to modify them further.
    But in stock performance numbers it didnt seem to matter.


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      Thank you Casey. and no i blew up the sl motor. Needs a crankshaft . so i guess i will look for a 3021009 jug. Does anyone have one??


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        Could use all 3 '99 cylinders.