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2000 Polaris Genesis FFI - New and super green to PWC

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  • 2000 Polaris Genesis FFI - New and super green to PWC

    Hi everyone, I'm super new to PWC and have been using these forums for some sound advice that's helped me out previously, I recently purchased a 2000 Polaris Genesis FFI for super cheap, I got it patched up and running and now its quit again, I have no fuel pressure on the test port and have DC voltage on the first two pins, but I think the engine module opens and closes ground to make it work? Either way, its definitely not running, and was hoping someone could tell me the proper way to test that 4 pin connector for it before I just go ordering a fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    This link includes a lot of useful info for your Ficht engine.

    The Ficht EMM module controls the fuel pump and the engine operation. If the EMM needs repair there is a recommended service company.

    There is also info on testing the fuel pump.
    How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
    Asking for help via Private Message?
    For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech
    Yamaha NanoXcel hull repair info
    Polaris PWC useful info


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      Thank you very much buddy! I started disassembling the fuel pump and float cage while I was waiting for replies, and I think I found the root cause, someone had wired an external aftermarket pump outside of th tank, so I think I need that whole cage assembly with the 4 pin male, they’ve cut the 2 fuel pump wires. I’m gonna check that link and get more familiar with these systems, thanks again!


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        I have a 1999 Genesis Ficht FFI
        just took it out of storage and battery volt says 12.2, is that good enough for the summer or does that need to be replaced?

        I put it on a maintainer while I cleaned it up and went up 13 but after disconnecting maintainer it went to 12.2.

        I thought I remembered last year around 13.2. It was charged, disconnected and stored in heated garage. Thanks!!


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          The MFI (digital gauge) is not a good tool for diagnosis.Way toooo Many times the voltage is wrong. It needs to be checked/double checked with an actual volt meter/multi-meter.

          All chain auto parts stores test batteries for free. I'd recommend that -especially if you want a trouble free season. And all sell a branded version of the DEka AGM battery if needed.