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2001 virage single carb with acc pump, runs poorly

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  • 2001 virage single carb with acc pump, runs poorly

    i have a 2001 virage single carb with acc pump

    if i hold gas wide open it takes 5 to 8 sec to run great for 4 sec then drops 1500 rpms for 8 sec then takes off again great for 4

    as you keep going the amount of time run great gets less

    my mfd not very good for rpms speed goes from 28 to 38

    ski sat for 10 years, ive owned 30 days

    no spark or signs of life ... i have new fuel lines, carb kit
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    What work has been done so far on the watercraft?

    Correct spark plugs installed?

    Which brand of carburetor rebuild kit?

    Was the carb cleaned internally?

    Has the old gasoline been drain from the fuel tank and the fuel tank inspected and cleaned inside?

    Have the old fuel hose sbeen replaced?

    What does 'runs great for four seconds' mean in relation to the 28 to 38 numbers?
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      i got this from guy that gave up on it he clean tank had the right plus i pump all gas out best i could put new gas with 40 to 1 mix oil pump has been removed part store did not have metic fuel got ones very close to same but smaller clean water trap and filter twice had what sounds like that epoxy stuff someone had in a post but you caught me i used a cheeper carb kit the diafram with the plat e had a longer tit on it it planes out run 28 wide open but surges all by it self i stay with back and forth for 10 mini i just srayed carb cleaner looked good the reeds where good read a post after i order the cheep kit to buy genuine keihin i got one order


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        28 and 38 are mph can read tach past 4000rpm .the carb has red tag number 1253368 look like it had 4 jets in it i have not seen one work on like this on utube but this is my first keihin