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Looking for Steve, in the London, Ontario, Canada area

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  • Looking for Steve, in the London, Ontario, Canada area

    We are looking for info that might help us connect with the originator of a Facebook group for PWC Riders in Ontario.

    This Facebook group was initiated way back circa 2011 by a fellow named Steve. I don't have a last name. Born in 1972, we think. Apparently sometimes answered to the nickname Scuba.

    Back in 2011 Steve worked for the City of London, Ontario and had a Polaris PWC. Possibly more than one. Probably also lived in London, Ontario at the time.

    Steve was last heard from within that Facebook Riders group in 2011.

    Since then the group has grown in popularity and is administered by several people, who do know each other. However nobody in the group knows how to actually reach Steve. He does not respond to FB messages sent to the username he created in 2011 (real names were not required by Facebook back then).

    The problem is that Steve is still the official 'owner' of the group. Which means that there is a possibility of Facebook deciding one day to simply turn it off. If Steve is unreachable by Facebook itself then the riding community that benefits from this particular Facebook group could one day discover it has simply vanished, or become archived and no longer accepting new posts.

    Our hope is that we can somehow re-connect with Steve and arrange to transition official control of the group to one of the active administrators.

    If you know this Steve or perhaps know people that were active in the PWC community around London, Ontario circa 2011 and could help us figure out how to reach Steve, let me know.

    Private Message if you prefer to not publicly post personal info.

    Thanks in advance
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