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1996 polaris sltx 1050 no spark

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  • Myself
    I've found on the domestic Polaris red engines that it's usually a bad stator. Test the excitor voltage output while cranking.

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  • K447

    Click the link below and read up on the red carb engine CDI.

    One of the known common problems is being unable to restart the engine shortly after shutdown. Wait a while (maybe 30 seconds) and the engine starts just fine.

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  • Shaneburchfield
    started a topic 1996 polaris sltx 1050 no spark

    1996 polaris sltx 1050 no spark

    I bought a 1996 sltx 1050. Got it home put a batter Fired right and ran good. Sat over night. Came out the next morning was gonna go to the lake and test it out. Started it up no problem. Let it run for a couple minutes. With water hooked up to it. Shut it off and instantly tried firing it back up and it wouldn't start. Turned over perfect but no start. Tested to see if there was spark. Nothing. Since then I sent the cdi off to get tested. They said it was good. Pulled the stator out no broken wires or burnt. Bought a new coil and it still has no spark. Turns over with 11.5 volts
    anything Will help thanks.