I just bought a 2001 Polaris Virage 700CC with a trailer for $250! It turned but had no spark. Followed the threads and got it to start! I do have some issues that I want to fix. First, the bilge pump button doesn't work. I guess the bilge pump was replaced with an after market pump because it has a float installed. If I pick up the float manually, I can hear the pump running. Second, the MFI was cracked and water was present inside the MFI. I found a donor ski for $300 and had a really good looking MFI and installed it. Machine will start, but MFI won't turn on. How can I check the MFI? The ski has been converted to pre mix, so the oil pump has been removed. I have two cables that have been cut. One is solid black and the other is orange with a black line. Cables change colors to black and brown. I am excited to get this beast in the water, but I want everything working as expected before I take it to the water. Thanks in advance!