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2002 virage txi 1200 bad injector ??

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  • 2002 virage txi 1200 bad injector ??

    I bought this ski last week and need some advice.
    it had a no start and i was not getting fuel pressure. found the pump bad so I replaced it with OE pump. now i have good fuel pressure when I ground the brown wire.
    spark is good and cranking voltage is over 10.5. engine cranks fast. still no start unless i add some fuel into each intake. This lead me to test voltage to injectors. when cranking i only had 7-8 volts at the white with red stripe wire. I tested the stator and getting the correct ohms on everything and correct voltage while cranking. I tried unplugging all injectors and got 28 volts at crank. started plugging in injectors one at a time and find with the middle injector plugged in voltage drops to 8 volts but when unplugged i see 28 volts. Do i have a bad injector or bad computer ?? I have been doing my reading and cant figure out what I need to replace and try.
    Since the computers have so many problems i figure it is the problem but want to be sure before sending it out for repair.

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    Welcome to GreenHulk !

    Is there a big difference in resistance between the three injectors ? IIRC the resistence is pretty low-and injectors are pretty durable,but worth closer inspection.

    The voltage test does need to have all 3 injectors plugged in to be accurate, but if one was shorted it would bring down the average. An Ohm test should show if it is shorted.


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      That is most likely an EMM issue. Lakeside Tech can help you with that.
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