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Carb leaking intake side

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  • Carb leaking intake side

    • Leaks at fuel pump body where the metal meets the plastic. All new gaskets. Was doing pop off test and noticed not sealing. Any fix to this? Any sealant? Or need new carb?

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    Keihin cdk2 carb


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        SBT talked me into theirs. Got everything from them for rebuild.


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          There are 2 safety screws (torx with a hole) securing the cover to that plastic piece. If you remove the screws, there's an O ring that seals the cover. It appears that is what you are pointing to in the pic.

          Did you remove those 2 screws by chance?

          I know you bought the SBT kit, but we HIGHLY recommend OEM rebuild kits for both Mikuni and Keihin carbs.
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            Yes I did. New O ring there. The sides of the metal seem to be scratched and uneven a little bit. Also looks like this may have been where fuel was leaking. The old gaskets were corroded.


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              I would try to get the scratches removed and mating parts as flat as possible. Place a piece of fine sand paper on a piece of glass. (because glass is usually very flat) Then run the part trying to be smoothed out in a figure 8 motion by hand until the scratches are gone.

              Doesn't look like there's a lot of compression on those O ring seals.
              My ski says made in the U.S.A...... Can yours say that???