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very weak or no spark

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  • very weak or no spark

    Polaris slt 700 1996.

    Replaced original stater, CDI, Coil and flywheel with updated (gen 3) replacements, jetski ran well for about a mile then would not start after turning off.
    test hull effect - 107ohms
    brown wire while cranking = 4v, should be at least 8v I believe
    AC voltage to coil from CDI = 68v,
    coil input .5ohms
    coil output reading very high resistance would not read, just shows (M) on meter but appears to not be open.

    Any help would be helpful.

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    What is the AC voltage output of the exciter wires while cranking?


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      what wire is the exciter wire?
      if those are the two (black/white) wires going to the coil it's 68v AC


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        so I found what I think is the issue, the battery is reading 12.9V but when I crank it, it drops to 10.2v (not enough to trigger spark). when I cranked it with my battery charger hooked up and running the motor started right up. I then disconnected the charger, the stater was putting out 13.4v to the battery (yellow wire) and the engine kept running. So I'm thinking I have a battery with no cranking amps left, but it's not showing bad on my charger.


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          Originally posted by nayrb01
          … a battery with no cranking amps left, but it's not showing bad on my charger.
          Cranking the starter motor is the test that matters. If the voltage sag during cranking is excessive then the battery is unable to do the job it needs to do.

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