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Needing some info on Polaris 700 with no spark.

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  • Needing some info on Polaris 700 with no spark.

    just got a 96 stl 700,, all wiring seem extremely good to me.. motor appears to have little time on it.. it has the original CDI. I have been reading through the links I have found and am slowly diagnosing ,, checking a few more things tomorrow. Polaris PWC Knowledge
    http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl.com/‚Äč does not appear to be working.. has it been moved? Or where can I find the info?

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    Welcome to GreenHulk.

    The web page needs updating and maintenance. There is a thread discussing the issue.

    Nearly everything is posted on this site somewhere. Look through the tech sections for Gen1 or non-update diagnosis.
    With the Gen1 ignition the stator is the weak point, concentrate on stator tests.

    SBT sells an "update" kit for the ignition. SBT=Short block technologies- shopsbt- company sells alot of PWC parts.