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SL900 trainwreck of a hull

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  • SL900 trainwreck of a hull

    Hey all, I found another project (well, a couple of them) and looking for some input. I've been trying to put together another ski, but haven't been having much luck with hulls. I have a couple of SL900s (96 and 97 I believe) and I think both of the hulls are beyond repair. One looks like they drug it down the road behind a truck. The other they somehow managed to break the hull where the jet-pump attaches, it's like they pulled the bolts through the holes. Which is a bummer, one has a good motor and upgraded electronics. The other motor is in the process of getting a new top-end, from what I've seen there shouldn't be any issues with it once that is done.

    Would you even bother trying to fix either of these hulls, or find a donor? (Both pics are of the one that looks like it was used on the road)

    Assuming that hull is fubar, what kind of machine would you all pick for a donor?
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