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02 Virage 800i check engine light

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  • 02 Virage 800i check engine light

    This is my second 02 Virage 800i project this year. First one was almost salvage material but with much elbow grease and a few hundred dollars it’s running great thanks to all of the tips and upgrades I found on this site.
    So this second ski has all the upgrades and repairs done (fuel lines, good TPS, fuel regulator fix, proper new plugs, ect…) and has a known good start/stop module. The fuel pressure tests good. The ski runs good going from idle to WOT no matter how slow or fast you increase speed. If you keep the throttle just above idle up to 4K rpm for a few seconds the check engine comes up and light flashes, the moment I give it more throttle it goes off instantly. When cruising I can feel it skipping slightly or starving for fuel slightly but it only does it every few min and the check engine light does not come on when this happens. At an idle after a few min the check engine comes on but a slight push on throttle makes it go off for a bit, then it comes back on. I haven’t purchased or made up a code reader yet but guess I may have to. Both skis are already sold when I get this one bug worked out. Any help appreciated!

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    Reading the codes would be a good next step. But you could also start by measuring the injector voltage on the white/red wire (common to each injector and also present at the diagnostic plug, where it can be easier to backprobe). I suspect low injector volts ("alternator voltage"), but a bad TPS can't be ruled out. If the TPS becomes suspect, I offer replacement kits with new TPS's at a cost significantly lower than what used ones are selling for).
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