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Polaris Virage and Genesis MFD failure to repair

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  • Polaris Virage and Genesis MFD failure to repair

    After working on two 02 Virage project skis and 3 different MFD’s I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d better find known good displays to put in my future project skis instead of trying to repair the LCD screens. I bought a ski that had a bad display, then purchased another good display with a not so good LCD screen for cheap just to experiment with. I know for sure that some LCD screens on different electronics can have new polarization film put on them and work great. I have now tried this twice with two different Polaris screens to no avail. Both times I could not get the graphite (I think that’s what it’s made of) electrical rubberized strip to reconnect good enough to make the display work properly. I also was never successful at getting the polarized film to be clear enough to see good even though I got the direction right.
    has anyone had success at reviving a toasted LCD screen? If so what did you do?
    These things are getting hard to come by and a good LCD repair could be the life of a lot of displays out there.