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96 Polaris SLX no start

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  • 96 Polaris SLX no start

    It pains me to even post this - I have a 96 polaris slx 780 that I just got finished putting back together. I have fixed various systems on it (replaced fuel lines, fuel pump, new spark plugs, new gas, new oil, new 3rd piston and jug, new flywheel and new bendix gear). Recently I took the engine out to replace the bendix gear because it was rusted and not engaging the flywheel consistently. That problem was fixed (and I also took the opportunity to clean/rebuild the carbs) but now after putting the whole thing back together it doesn't start. I have clear fuel lines so can see fuel getting to the carbs. I have good spark. I'm at a loss. It doesn't even turn over with starting fluid in the carbs or right in the cylinders. I'm not sure if I messed something up during reassembly or what. Maybe the wiring of the stator, but I'm not sure. Would love any ideas. The ski was able to turn over before and run for a bit but the inconsistent cranking made it tough to get it to turn over. Let me know what you guys think this might be. Thanks a ton.

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    I have the key in so it's not that. Although seems like a similar case to when trying to crank without the key. The ski also likely has a lean condition because the fuel sender isn't connected (was having problems reading fuel so snipped the lines).


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      Do you mean "turn over" as in the engine doesn't spin or it doesn't fire? IIRC those fujis will spin without the lanyard, just no spark.

      First thing I would check if it's turning over but not firing is that fuel is coming out of the line feeding the carbs. It's pretty easy to mix up the return and main fuel line.
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        When I say turn over I mean that it doesn't fire - it spins fine. Fuel is definitely going into the carbs and the engine to my knowledge I have clear fuel lines. I think it may be an ignition timing issue because it doesn't even fire with starting fluid. Is there any way to check that the plugs are firing at the right time? Not sure if that is something you need to consider when putting the engine back in.


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          My SLX would not start but had spark. The crankshaft key broke and the flywheel spun about 120 degrees on the crank. Timing was way off.
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