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1993 Polaris Sl 750 Cdi control box wiring.

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  • 1993 Polaris Sl 750 Cdi control box wiring.

    Hello! I need some help with trying to connect the wires for my CDI control box. I am just trying to see which wires go where and to make sure I don't mess it up. I have included pictures.

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    Sorry, not much help since I never owned a 1993 model. My manual doesn't show much in terms of connections either.

    All I can suggest is to take your time and verify the colors are correct on both wires before making the connection.

    I would also not close up the elec box until you have fired up the engine and made sure it runs. That way you're not digging back into it looking for a issue. It's already right there.

    Wish i could help you out more.
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      Thanks for the reply! Appreciate the help!