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1993 Polaris sl 750 fuel pump

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  • 1993 Polaris sl 750 fuel pump

    Hello! I need to replace the fuel pump in my sl 750. Currently I have a dual output pump with 4 nipples, there is vaccum, fuel input, and two fuel outputs. Currently the fuel pump has two lines coming off of the fuel outputs going to tees on the carbs. I have heard of people upgrading to a triple output fuel pump. Would that be a good idea for me? What would need to be done to the fuel system to accommodate the triple output? Or should I just get the same fuel pump I have right now? All help is much appreciated. I have also included pictures of the fuel pump I have and some pics of how the fuel system is setup.
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    Where is the fuel pump mounted with the hoses reaching over the cylinder heads like that?

    I suggest getting hose clamps installed VS. twisted wire. It can cut into the hoses and cause a leak.

    Go with the triple outlet fuel pump and eliminate the "T"s .
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