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Drain plug?

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  • Drain plug?

    Just purchased a 93 sl650 and I can't find a drain plug it's a mess inside the bay wires are severed I gotta rewire it but where can I find the drain plug it has some water I would like to get out

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    Would that hole be it? I've always owned boats


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      Originally posted by Tjstellar
      Would that hole be it?

      I've always owned boats
      You can install a ‘normal’ captive drain plug instead of the old-school bathtub plug that was factory original with the early hulls.

      Captive drain plug kits will work just fine. Be sure to drill pilot holes of the correct size and put marine grade sealant under the assembly before snugging the new drain assembly against the hull.

      Polaris factory switched to using captive boat-style drain plugs after just a few model years
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        Originally posted by Beernutz
        Yes, that is the hole. You will use plugs like the type pictured below.

        Thank you. What size would it be? And the rubber Sits on the outside of the ski? It wouldn't fly off?


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          The 2 styles of bilge plugs can be bought at Walmart. Only one size.
          Both styles tighten to the hull to prevent falling out, just like on a boat.