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Post your top speeds (Stock)

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  • Post your top speeds (Stock)

    This is only for STOCK ski's!

    Please list the model and year of your ski then the top speed you have gotten. Please post whether your speed was taken from GPS, your MFD or another device.

    NO BS, don't even try to lie about your speed too many members on here will call you out in 10 seconds.

    This is suppose to be a resource for people to go to, to see if there ski is doing what it should and to gain a little more knowledge about their ski.

    Lets try to keep this as organized as possible. Try not to double post models of the same year unless there is a debate about speed.
    Proud owner of a 96 Polaris SLX780! Top-end rebuilt and minor problems fixed. Feel free to ask any questions.

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    SLTX 97 56 mph stock speedo
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      I had a 99 SLX1050 and I got 63.9 on the gun. It was an awesome ski. I wish I had kept it.
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        1996 SLTX Stock 56 with speedo. 61 after ride plate, Nu-Jet and domes
        1996 SLT700 46 with speedo. 50 after domes, V-force reeds and impeller
        1996 Hurricane ??? don't know yet since it has a new engine
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          Sl750 I seen 52mph on hand held gps thats mounted on my ski..Cya


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            54.3 gps with the wind at my back 95 slx 780


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              '96 SLT780 low fuel and a 230# rider 50.4 GPS


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                well not even close today to the speed I posted as 52, I did not even see 42 today, kinda choppy out today.. Cya


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                  Fastest I have seen on my 96 SLX is 49.6 on the mfd. I am still in the process of breaking her in. (I couldn't help myself) 100% stock

                  Took her out today and got her up to 51.2 on light chop.
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                  Proud owner of a 96 Polaris SLX780! Top-end rebuilt and minor problems fixed. Feel free to ask any questions.


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                    stock slt 780 46.6 mph on gps on handle bars abit of chop but not much


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                      02 polaris virage 1200 carb stock 62mph on factory mfi


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                        95 750slt.....WOT, 44mph. Me, Wifey and my 3 year old screaming to go faster!!! Good times!!


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                          2000 Genesis (I'm guessing 55)
                          1999 X45 (60.2 stock gps....65.2 gps with some "minor" mods and no gas)
                          Polaris X45 (1 of 500)
                          Genesis FI (ph2ocraft forced me into it)
                          2003 Polaris MSX


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                            top speed

                            1998 polaris slh, top speed with mfd choppy ass water was 54.8 mph


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                              Post RPM as well as speed

                              I think it would be very helpful to others if the maximum sustained RPM was also listed.

                              If the engine is not producing full power, or the impeller pitch is not correct, the engine will be down on RPM, sometimes quite a lot, yet the GPS reported speed may not be reduced by very much.

                              The owner and service manuals do not say what the operating RPM should be at WOT, only the RPM limit is listed.
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