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Polaris EMM Programming Utility and Protocol Document (UPDATED)

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    I have been trying to decode the Datamatrix of the old injectors too. What I have found is that there are two types of datamatrix barcodes. ECC 000 - 140 the old style that use an odd number of dots and todays standard ECC 200 that use even number of dots. The old matrix on the top use a 21 x 21 matrix and the bottom new use a 20 x 20 matrix. I have tried just about every app in the iphone app store and none will read the old format. Just about all will read the new format not problem. I have not found a website that will decode the old style either. My Iphone will read the new matrix picture here right off this post.

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      The company has some sort of software that can decode the older data matrix bar codes . . . perhaps you could get a trial or they could point you in the right direction . . .

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        Login to download

        Originally posted by ghostinstallations View Post
        Programming Utility

        Polaris Injector Utility Download
        Version 1 (.exe)
        Polaris Injector Utility Download Version 2 (.exe)

        These are programs I wrote. Version 2 is all you should really download. It contains more functionality and better error handling than version one.

        It will allow you to read:
        • EMM Software Version
        • EMM Hardware Serial
        • Fuel Map Version

        It will allow you to read and write:
        • Injector Coefficient Data
        • Historical Data
          • Max RPM
          • Max EMM Temp
          • Max Engine Temp
        • Engine Info
          • Engine Model
          • Engine Serial
          • Engine Hours

        Simply requires a serial port (or USB to serial converter) and cable. This is a simple executable, no installer or drivers required. I am not a software engineer, so the program is basic and lacks most error handling but works just fine. Use at your own risk.

        Protocol Documents

        The documents below were created by me as I reversed the protocol. They may have errors and I am sure there are a few things I missed. It is more notes than a proper protocol document. The address document provides the HEX address of various pieces of data. Some are static and some are dynamic. I gather than these address are volatile memory that are populated from EEprom or sensor data. There are notes about adjusting the fuel mapping which works for the Kawasaki EMMs, but I was never able to get it to work for the Polaris EMM's (I believe it to be a function of the Firmware not coping the changes from the volatile memory address to EEprom.

        FICHT Serial Protocol (.pdf)
        FICHT Address Locations (.xls)

        Injector Decoding

        Injectors are encoded with either Data Matrix ECC 000 or 200 Depending on age. This is why it is hard to find an application that will read the bar codes. Data Matrix ECC 000 has NO error recovery. If the barcode is damaged at all, it is not readable.

        Raw data will show in the following format:

        Coefficent A,B,C,D,Serial

        I am trying to download your program but every time I try it takes me to google drive to log in. Once I log in it says I need access. How would I get access to download? Thanks


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          I have put a copy of the documents and program into my google drive HERE.
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            Tip: Utilize a Falshlight or Troublelight When Scanning QR Codes

            Tip: Utilize a flashlight or a troublelight to fully illuminate the QR code when attempting to scan with a smart phone. I found it very difficult to near impossible to scan injector QR codes with a smart phone, when mounted. Simply adding some illumination made all the difference and they scan first time, every time, with it.
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