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Hurricane stator replacement

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  • Hurricane stator replacement

    Can anyone walk me through how to swap a stator into a 1996 Hurricane, start to finish? Non updated ignition. I've never replaced a stator before. Thanks

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    I think it lost my last reply. I've done it twice for updated ignition, but it should be almost identical I think

    1)remove flywheel housing cover
    2)remove flywheel (keep nut on loose so it doesnt blast off when your puller gets it loose (mine have not been dramatic but evidently some are
    3)remove stator bolts including the ones holding the wire loom in (by the wire exit from housing)
    4)remove stator and wiring from ebox, pics or video of how the wires were connected
    5)reinstall stator and loom through hole, replace flywheel loosely in place to make sure when tightened in place that the wires will clear the flywheel teeth. If not you need to cut back the sheathe around the wires to shorten the space from the stator to the rubber wire cork (both of mine have had too much length) dish soap will make the cork slide easily if you cant get it to move
    6)clean out housing and gasket surfaces
    7replace statoro and torque to spec
    replace woodruff key, and loctite and torque flywheel back on (use rope trick to torque the flywheel (easy to look that one up)
    9)use proper sealant and gasket, and replace flywheel housing cover
    10 rewire the ebox


    Thats from memory so hopefully someone will correct me if I missed or have something wrong
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