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Polaris SL650 Bolts and Nuts

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  • Polaris SL650 Bolts and Nuts

    I have a 94 Polaris SL 650 that I plan to tear into this winter. It caused me some grief with performance and I never found during riding season the problem. I have all of the manuals and service guides saved to PDF for reference. There is of course a great deal of info on the torque spec and the general size (m6,m8 ect).

    I am looking for a source of cylinder head bolts. There looks to be 6 bolts of m10x1.25 spec for each cylinder head. I do not know the length just yet (haven't pulled the jug). There are some OEM cylinder head bolts on eBay but are 15$ a pop or so from a quick search. At that rate I might as well just buy new jugs on eBay in case I run into a bad bolt thread when I remove the cylinder head nuts. A few of the bolts look to be fused to the head nuts. I assume those ones will not come out so clean.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Just to be clear, you're looking for the head studs? (Part number 3240054 on here: https://parts.polarisind.com/Assemblies.asp "CYLINDER & MANIFOLD")


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      Correct ^^^^. There are no head bolts. There are studs with nuts that torque the cylinder heads down. Not splitting hairs, just making sure we are talking about the same thing.

      If that is what you're looking for, the studs are the same for the 650, 750, and 780. So, any of those will work and should help broaden your search.
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