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Polaris 1999 Genesis 1200 Carb version.intermittent spark..

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  • Polaris 1999 Genesis 1200 Carb version.intermittent spark..

    Hello would someone know what the voltage is supposed to be on the purple wire while cranking the engine (purple excitor coil) wire? I see 8 volts for just a second on the brown wire from cdi to Hall effect switches and the voltage fades away to 0.5 volts. Also could someone tell me where the LR module is located on this ski? It itsn't in the control box with the cdi nor does it have a circuit board. I have tried cranking it with the black/yellow wire disconnected.My battery reads 10.1 volts while cranking the engine and I am waiting for a new battery that I purchased to complete it's first charge so I can see if the lower voltage is my problem.

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    And when all else fails.....pull the front apart. I had one doing wierd crap like this once and finally pulled the flywheel and stator. The front seal had puked it's spring and rubbed into the stator wires on the baack of the stator plate!


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      Thank you for replying to my post. When I ohm out the excitor coil it checks in specs with 5.5 ohms, but when cranking I only see 4.2 volts ac on the purple wire and ground. Is this what I should see?