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1995 Seadoo GTX Driveshaft Boot Failure

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  • 1995 Seadoo GTX Driveshaft Boot Failure

    Hi Guys. I have a 1995 GTX and I am capable of working on my jetski but I'm not exactly sure what work needs to be done. When I was winterizing it, I went to grease the ports by the flywheel as per in the manual and found this torn boot on the driveshaft. Now is a good time to repair it since its the off season. The Jetski was slowly taking on water the summer and this could have been why. But from what I read the failure might make it sink rather quickly so this could have happened running it out of water. I did run it for 3 minutes with the hose and fogged the carb for one of those minutes just like the manual instructed. My observations were If I cranked the engine the injection port on the flywheel side rotates but the port on the driveshaft side does not which I beleive is the way it is supposed to be.
    From the information I have read I have heard that the bearings may need to be replaced and possible the driveshaft as well. But that person had much more significant damage to the boot.
    I am looking for guidance on what I should replace during the repair and difficulty level. I don't have a press to get a bearing in there If I have to get a bearing pressed in. Could someone knowledgeable please help me?
    Side note: I prefer new OEM parts

    Thanks Everyone

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    If anyone even knows, do I need to replace just the pto boot? Or the driveshaft bearing also? I am going to order parts and would like to know. Thanks