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1996 GSX MPEM Replacement Issue

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  • 1996 GSX MPEM Replacement Issue

    Hello Everyone,

    I just picked up a '96 Sea Doo GSX for cheap on CL. The person who had it had a mechanic that serviced the ski every year and stated the reason it will not start is because it needs a new MPEM. I replaced the MPEM with a unit from Bay Area Powersports that was recommended for my year/model. There was a 3 wire plug from the MPEM that did not match up with a 6 wire plug from the ski, but I attempted to replace it anyway because that is what they recommended.

    After install, the ski will power up, beeps, but will not start because it states that it needs maintenance and a hi temp warning comes up.

    I am assuming the female from the ski that is not connected to anything at this time has some part in this...would anyone know for sure.

    The replacement was also half the size as the OEM unit...so not sure they sold me the right one in the first place anyway.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Lets see a pic of the ski and the connector you're talking about.


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      Contact Westside Powersports for a tested OEM MPEM. They have a Facebook page or I can message you their direct contact info.
      I've heard of people having lots of issues with aftermarket MPEMs.


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        Ok. So I spent another couple hours. Got another MPEM that is shaped and sized the same as the stock unit. Hooked everything up…got the 2 beeps. No warnings on the screen. Was super excited and then went to hit the start button and Nothing. No click. Nothing turning over. Just nothing.

        So then I jumped the starter relay…engine turns over but ski does not start. Would there be an electrical something that I could have hooked up incorrectly preventing it from starting? How do I figure this out now?

        Thanks for the help…electrical issues are not my forte.


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          When you push the start button, you should get a 12v signal to the plug on the stafrter solenoid. Do you have a 12v signal?