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How to turn off avatars......IMPORTANT ALL READ!!!

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  • How to turn off avatars......IMPORTANT ALL READ!!!


    Heres a how to on how to turn off avatars:

    1.On the top tool bar,all the way to the left you will see "Profile". Click on that.

    2.Under the control panel column youll need to scroll down to "Edit Options" Click on that.

    3.Once the page opens scroll the page down to the "Thread Display Option" Section.(It should look like the picture below)

    4.Under the "Visible Post Elements" Sub section you will see 3 boxes.
    Show Signatures,Show Avatars,and Show Images...

    5. UNCHECK the "Show Avatar" Box

    6.Once unchecked,scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the"Save Changes" button.This will now not let any avatars be shown when logged into the site..

    Avatars; Keep them clean and appropriate. Determination of what is clean and/or appropriate is at the sole discretion of the admins and mods. Violators will be warned.If they fail to remove it at the moderators request they will be disciplined with options of being banned for 3 days. Consider this a warning. If you think your avatar may be inappropriate, it probably is, so don't risk a ban over it. This will be strictly enforced, regardless of who the perpetrator is. Thank you for your cooperation.

    • Maximum image size is 100x100.
    • Maximum file size is 50kb. This includes animated avatars as well.
    • Images that are suggestive, graphic or obscene are not permitted and will be removed immediately once a moderator finds it. Keep it at PG-13 and you'll be fine.
    • Anyone is allowed to have an avatar, there are no requirements needed.
    Rules Enforcement

    If the mods send you a warning that your signature and/or avatar breaks any of the rules listed above, you will have 24 hours to change it. If it's not been changed by the end of the 24 hours, we will remove it ourselves. Anyone who repeatedly breaks the signature rules will be given infraction points and if necessary, a temporary ban. If the signature contains unreasonably large signatures/images, obscene or graphic images, and/or comments. We will delete your signature/avatar and send a PM about why it was deleted.

    This is for anybody wanting to turn off avatars wether it be for work or home purposes.I hope this helps all that is looking for this option.
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