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Anyone tried the SKAT-TRAK impellers?

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  • Anyone tried the SKAT-TRAK impellers?

    All this talk about the Solas impellers, repitched stock, etc. I didn't see anyone mention they had tried the Skat-Trak impellers. I'm looking for all out acceleration, so losing a bit on the topend doesn't bother me.

    If nobody has tried it yet, I'm up for it and will be calling Richard as his prices are awesome.

    -I had ordered RIVA's stage 1 kit, added the SC impeller, OPAS blockoff, Rear Exhaust kit, and Sponsons.. I'll be ordering the Intercooler on Friday. so I guess it will be a stage 2 at that point, BUT i'm sticking with the 14/19 as RIVA told me that it will get better acceleration than the 15/20. ... unfortunately they are out of stock on some parts, but pieces should be showing up tomorrow.

    -also I'm A D D I C T E D to this site... you can ask my roommate, I live on this site when I'm not working or on the water.

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    Hey Chris, im addicted to the site too! LOL!

    I havent tried a skat prop yet so i can't comment.
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