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2009/2010 carbon ring Need a mechanics help PLEASE!

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  • 2009/2010 carbon ring Need a mechanics help PLEASE!

    ON the newer 2009/2010 seadoo 4-teg the driveshaft carbon ring rides against the threaded stainless ring on drive shaft,I dont have a manual for these newer 4-tecs ,does anyone know how hard it is to remove and can a regular spanner be used to remove it to pull drive shaft so that carbon ring can be changed? I read where inner bearing race is part of it,do you just unscrew it and slide driveshaft out after removing pump?I cant find much info on this and a customer has a broken carbon ring,Thanks in advance>Marvin

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    Yes, the nut is left hand thread. I made a special wrench to fit this nut since the width is narrow. You will have to remove the jet pump and keep the drive shaft from turning when spinning this nut. I used my stock impeller and welded a nut onto the back side of it. I am sure that Seadoo makes special tools for this. Yes, the nut is one piece, one end is the opposed face for the carbon ring and the other end fits into the seal on the carrier. Once you unscrew the nut, the drive shaft slides out the rear.