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X Charger part numbers?

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  • X Charger part numbers?

    Hey guys,

    I went to go buy an x charger from parker yamaha pn 420 881 990, and they told me that this part is no longer available, and that its been replaced by 420 881 992. Is there any differences between the two chargers except that 420 881 992 is about 40 dollars more expensive? I ordered it, 42s, and a 14/19 for my RXT i hope its fast! LOL

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    I was trying to figure out the same thing anybody know what changed ?


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      They superceed part numbers all the time, Not a big deal. Just tell them you want the S/C from the X ski and you should get the right part if they know what they're doing.....
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        Wait, don't pay full retail, use Jerrry or Riva Racing talk to Pete,
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          That number that ends in 92 is the current # for the x charger. You will be fine. Have fun go fast!!!
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            I already have it in my hands, got it from parker yamaha for a hair over 700....

            Got this, 42s, Riva Box w/ Thru hull , Intake Grate , 14/19 , OPAS block offs