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  • Thank You Motec

    I would like to thank Nils, Yuri and of course Pete for all your tremendous support that they provided to get my ski up and running again. I cannot believe how helpful and the level of afterhours support that you guys put in to help me fix the problems I caused by loading a wrong file and the windows firewall problem. Once again, thanks very much, I really feel a very valued customer and have not seen support like this in such a long time. You guys have made me believe again that there is still some companies that offer great customer support.

    Thanks again
    When You think it can't be done MoTeC find a way, What a great Piece of Kit

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    Great news not only is it great to here about there support which I hear on a regular basis. A product is only as good as such. The only way to fly best Ecu in the planet good luck with your motec I'm sure you will be a happy customer for years to come!!!!
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      martin, i sent you an email. tell me all about this engine
      go turbo or go home!

      Check out DashPac!! http://www.4-tecperformance.com/inde...ex&cPath=18_52



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        Glad to hear you have your ski up and running, Martin! I predict your ski will be among the fastest, if not THE fastest, on the planet for a stock hulled supercharged RXP-X260 ski!

        Also, very high praise to the MoTec guys! I've worked with Martin on occasion and know him well enough to say he's a perfectionist, so his high praise is a worthy statement!

        Martin....I'll call you later today!
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