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0523 Fault Code, random shutdown, and smoke.

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  • 0523 Fault Code, random shutdown, and smoke.

    Been trying to work the bugs out of my '11 RXTX aS for quite some time now. For reference, here is the link to my original post: http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=190934

    Originally it started as a low oil light which was a loose clamp on the drive shaft assembly. While I had the top deck lifted to resolve the clamp issue I installed a 4" intake and a catch can to give me some more room inside the engine compartment. Then has a leak that was caused by the "fixing plate" that the steering assembly mounts to. I took it out yesterday hoping everything was resolve and had two other issues arise.

    1. Riding along at about 3/4 throttle the ski just turned off. No warning lights, beeps, etc. It just turned off. Pulled the key, reseated it and it started back up fine. Only precursor to this was when I started it for the first time I got a fault code 0523. I looked through the sticky thread and didnt find that code. So I am not sure what it was. I turned it off and back on and the code was gone.

    2. There is light amounts of smoke coming from the port the catch can connects to. Here is a picture for reference:

    I noticed when I squeeze the catch can hose the smoke would "puff" out. I also notice the oil in the catch can was somewhat milky and almost green in color. Im assuming the milky-ness is water mixing with the oil. May be from a leaking intercooler? But why the smoke?
    2011 RXT-X aS - Riva Rear exit exhaust, 4" intake
    2000 RX - R&D Flame Arrestor, Umi Steering

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    Fault P0523
    Descrption Oil Pressure sensor fault
    4-Tec Jetmate
    2004 MSX 1500SC
    T-45 GPRXP
    1995 785 Three Seat Triple

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      Thanks beerdart! Just got the response in the Trouble Code thread as well.
      2011 RXT-X aS - Riva Rear exit exhaust, 4" intake
      2000 RX - R&D Flame Arrestor, Umi Steering