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04 rxp does a r&d would work good

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  • 04 rxp does a r&d would work good

    i have a 04 rxp would a r&d grate gain mph on the ski or will it loose or stay the same what are you guys opinions ??? should i get a riva or r &d

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    Riva grate will be best for speed but is only good for flat water.... R&D will be about a mph slower in top end and be better hookup and in the chop... The Rivas have been known to break but ive personally run one at 83 mph and ive know people going 88+mph on a riva... but most importantly it comes down to your riding style and preference.. either way with your ski being an 04 use the speedfreeks pump shoe protector and the R&D girdle with whichever grate you decide on... The riva grate will need to be modded to make this work though
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      thanks greenbullet


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        Lika any other mod you might have to fit the Riva or R&D grate..I have noticed that on a few skis i have installed these on they either hung to low,were in to tight or both...IF you want to have your grate in and in right you will have to fit it IMO...Just bolting it up can cause undo stess on it and cause it to fail prematurly...