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Never ending money pit 06 RXT

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    Originally posted by 1tommygunner1927 View Post
    Most of the glitter is collected by the PTO cover Oil Sieve (screen). The smaller glitter particles will pass to the oil cooler and oil filter. Will you rebuild or replace engine?
    I don't think you realize how cheap this jetski is...I'm going to clean out the glitter, throw an oil pump in it, rebuild the supercharger, and send the rods to meet Jesus.

    I will now wait while I watch the internet burn with the idea of not "doing it the right now"


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      Well, I just thought I was going to get away with not splitting the cases. Something is going on with the timing chain/crank gear and its not holding consistent tension when turning it over by hand. Hopefully its a timing chain issue, although I didn't see anything visually wrong with it.

      Side note, those E14 main bolts are no joke! I pulled about half of them out, and decided that was enough for tonight. Since the cases are coming apart anyway, I'll put new bearings in it. Might do rod bolts and main studs as well.