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Help With Impeller Choice

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  • Cutter
    Never ran it with a GPS but the speedo reads 75mph. Before I got the computer redone it was hitting 8350 RPM but now its 8500-8550. Gotta take it easy and get the right impeller. Oh I also did the exhaust cross over pipe at the same time. It just replaces the rubber hose comming off the water box. I stronly recommend the new RR ECU!!!

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  • Water4fire
    I would step up to the 15-20 and work with it instead of the 14-19.

    How do you like the New RRECU? I am gonna buy one I think???
    What are your speeds?


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  • Cutter
    started a topic Help With Impeller Choice

    Help With Impeller Choice

    Here is a list of my mods:
    RR new program ECU
    RR Intercooler
    Water box mod
    OPAS Block offs
    158 Thermostat
    Exhaust cross over pipe
    2.5 degree pump wedge
    Riva supercharger impeller
    R&D cold air intake
    14/19 Solas custom pitch prop

    Soon to have new RR Supercharger Impeller & 42Lbs Injectors.
    Currently running 8500-8550 RPM
    I know this is too high and wondering what your guys suggestions
    are. Should I go with more custom pitch on the 14/19 or just put in the