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P-1502 code

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  • P-1502 code

    On my 2003 GTX 4-tec, I got the Chk Eng message on the display P-1502 "TOPS functional problem". I tested the circuit going to the TOPS solenoid and it's getting 12v. With normal operation, you can hear and feel the solenoid engage when inserting the key, and you can hear/feel it disengage about 10-15 seconds after removing the key. However, sometimes it does not disengage upon removing the key (even after unplugging the wiring harness). When this happens, the next time the key is inserted the solenoid doesn't move and it throws the Chk Eng P-1502 message again.

    I removed the 2 screws holding the solenoid but it only lifts up about 3/4 inch. How does the solenoid come out? Also, what could be causing the solenoid to stick like this?
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