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  • Speedster 200 Info

    Posting this in here because there’s not much action in the sport boat section. Have had my eye out for one for a while and just bought a low hour 2012 speedster 200.

    Does anyone know where to find good info on these boats? I mean things like why is there a “shaft guard” mounted so shotty in the pump? Why are the pumps different from a ski of the same year? Who has added trim and what was the best method? Wish I could find someone who designed and/or built the things and talk to them.

    Thanks for any help.

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    This is the best place for information about skis, and your boat.
    The pumps for the boats and skis are all the same. Your 2012 boat uses a 161mm impeller and wear ring.
    Engine is the same, supercharger is the same, etc. Lots of the performance mods for the skis cross over to the boats.
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      The way those shaft guards are mounted and bolted in there, I’m surprised the things don’t cavitate like crazy. Can those be removed? The skis do not have them correct? We have a 2019 RXT X as well and that pump does not have one, and is much cleaner. The way the hole for the impeller shaft is cut, or more like punched in the hull/pump is concerning to say the least


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        Parts are becoming obsolete for those boats, ECU won't be available soon as well. I would pass on that boat.


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          tiderider, always has something negative to say. Most of the drivetrain parts are direct from SeaDoo skis so keeping it going won't be an issue


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            Many parts on them boats aren't standard use for PWC. They are a becoming a problem with parts.