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Built using Wossner 2618 9.5:1 pistons

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  • Built using Wossner 2618 9.5:1 pistons

    50 hours in a 4tec build and the 9.5:1, 2618 Wossner pistons are holding up very well. PTW used is .00475. Top ring is alloy steel chrome faced (.024 gap) and a tapered ductile second ring (.028 gap). Wossner now sells these pistons using a PVD top steel ring which should be slightly better.
    We were kind of concerned with ONLY 4 oil drain holes, 2 over each skirt but the holes are larger then all others and it doesn't seem to be an issue. The over all 3 piece oil control rings are larger in diameter.
    We have been running these pistons with a 137+4mm supercharger wheel spinning 8800 and 16 PSI on 93 Octane.
    Looks like Wossner is a keeper for the next build. At a descent price as well.

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    I resleeved a 4tec block and have wossner 101mm on the way. Going into a turbo build, probably going to run 5 thou PWC.


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      You should be okay. Don't forget to use a torque plate when boring and honing, especially with a turbo set up. No room for errors with all that boost.. Let us know how well it works out over time.