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2008 215 supercharged loosing RPM

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  • 2008 215 supercharged loosing RPM

    I’m running out of ideas. I have a 2008 215 supercharged. It won’t hold RPM @ 5800 it jumps up and down to 5100 and bounces around from there. Sputters at low RPM, but when I hammer it it’s seems to run good. It has 240hrs. The supercharger was rebuilt @ 200hrs. I changed out plugs and now it’s even worse and runs ROUGH and stalls out. Smokes like crazy also. I’m super new to this wicked hobby and I just want to have fun. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated. 🤙🏽

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    Do a compression test.


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      I have heard many things. Foul coils and injectors. I will put a compression test on the list. Thanks


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        Smokes like crazy is a concern. Is the coolant level consistent and clean?
        How often do you have to add oil?
        Can you post a Pic of the old spark plugs?


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          Originally posted by [email protected]
          Smokes like crazy also.
          Do a compression test and let us know the numbers for each cylinder.

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